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Ginger Twist ooak - sock yarn in merino and nylon - Darjeeling

Ginger Twist ooak - sock yarn in merino and nylon - Darjeeling

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Imagine a skein of sock yarn in the beautiful Ginger Twist one of a kind colourway, reminiscent of the warm, glowing tones of a copper penny. The colour is a rich, earthy ginger with subtle variations of light and dark, creating a tonal depth that will add intrigue and dimension to your knitting projects.

As you hold the skein in your hands, you can see the warm, golden hues shimmering in the light. It feels soft and smooth, with just the right amount of bounce and stretch to make your socks feel comfortable and cosy on your feet.

The yarn's colouration is perfect for adding a touch of warmth and elegance to any outfit, and it pairs beautifully with other earthy tones like deep browns, rusts, and ochres. Whether you're knitting up a pair of cosy socks, a shawl, or a sweater, this Ginger Twist yarn is sure to inspire you with its rich, varied tones and luxurious texture.

With its beautiful colour and high-quality fibres, this sock yarn in Ginger Twist is the perfect choice for any knitter who wants to create a unique and beautiful piece that will be cherished for years to come. So go ahead, treat yourself to a skein (or two!) and let your creativity run wild!

Weight & Length

4 ply, sock or fingering yarn. 100 gms gives you 400 metres


Darjeeling yarn: 85% Merino, 15% Nylon

Beautifully soft and just the right amount of nylon for a pair of socks. This also makes a gorgeous shawl or other wearable object.

It is recommended that you hand wash in cool to luke warm water with a wool wash to prevent dissociating. Slight bleeding may occur but should not effect the final colour. The merino is superwash but the dyes not. (However, I'm not hand washing my socks so there!)

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