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Stormy Skies - Darjeeling 4 ply sock yarn in merino and nylon

Stormy Skies - Darjeeling 4 ply sock yarn in merino and nylon

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One of my older colours that really is a gorgeous neutral type of blue...Stormy skies is a brooding amalgamation of deep grays and swirling charcoal hues. Charged with an electrifying energy, it evokes a sense of impending turmoil. Hints of indigo and slate add depth to the tempestuous atmosphere, while streaks of silver offer glimpses of tumultuous beauty amidst the darkened heavens.

Weight & Length

4 ply, sock or fingering yarn. 100 gms gives you 400 metres


Darjeeling yarn: 85% Merino, 15% Nylon

Beautifully soft and just the right amount of nylon for a pair of socks. This also makes a gorgeous shawl or other wearable object.

It is recommended that you hand wash in cool to lukewarm water with a wool wash to prevent dissociating. Slight bleeding may occur but should not affect the final colour. The merino is superwash but the dye's not. (However, I'm not hand washing my socks so there!)

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