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Fiesta - 4 ply in Mulberry silk - Pekoe f

Fiesta - 4 ply in Mulberry silk - Pekoe f

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Ah, let me tell you about the mesmerising beauty of Fiesta, a 4 ply silk yarn that will make your crafting projects come alive like never before! This yarn is made from the finest silk fibres, which means it has a luxurious feel and a subtle sheen that catches the light in a most delightful way.

But what truly sets Fiesta apart is its stunning colourway - a fiery blend of orange and red with a pinkish leaning that is absolutely breathtaking. The colours are vibrant and bold, yet somehow still manage to be elegant and sophisticated. Whether you're creating a shawl, a scarf, or a sweater, Fiesta will add a touch of colour and energy to your project that is simply irresistible.

Not only is Fiesta beautiful, but it is also incredibly a soft and comfortable yarn to work with. As you knit or crochet with this yarn, you'll feel its silky smoothness slide effortlessly through your fingers, making it a true pleasure to work with. And when you're done, the finished product will be a testament to your skills as a crafter and the beauty of the yarn you chose.

So why not treat yourself to the exquisite beauty of Fiesta? With its luscious silk fibres and gorgeous orange-red-pink hues, this yarn is sure to become a favourite in your crafting repertoire. You'll love the way it looks and feels, and you'll be proud to wear or gift your finished project knowing you've created something truly special.

Weight & Length

4 ply, lace. 100g = 400 metres


Pekoe - 100% Mulberry Silk

Pekoe heavy lace: beautiful, glossy, smooth and luxurious mulberry silk lace yarn! When knitted this yarn has a wonderful handle - very silky with a high sheen. Your finished garment is destined to be absolutely glorious!

It is recommended that you hand wash in cool to luke warm water with a special silk detergent. Slight bleeding may occur but should not effect the final colour.

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