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Flamingoes on Merino and Silk 4 ply single - Osmanthus

Flamingoes on Merino and Silk 4 ply single - Osmanthus

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Flamingoes on Lake Nakuru colourway is a rich but soft orange with warm undertones. Pretty and softly vibrant, perhaps even more on this base. Semi solid tonal variation.

Would team beautifully with other more sedate solids (like Seashells, Fallen Ashes, or Summer's End).

Yarn Information: Osmanthus 

Osmanthus is a luxurious and soft singles 4 ply yarn that combines the qualities of silk and merino wool. It is made by blending 30% mulberry silk and 70% merino wool fibres together, resulting in a yarn that is both silky smooth and warm. It runs at 400metres to 100gms.

The yarn is named after the Osmanthus flower, which has a delicate and sweet fragrance, just like this yarn. Osmanthus is available in a range of subtle and elegant colours that complement the lustrous quality of the silk and the natural warmth of the merino wool.

With a recommended needle size of 3.25-3.75mm, Osmanthus has a versatile gauge that is suitable for a wide range of projects, from delicate lace shawls to cozy sweaters. The silk content gives the yarn a beautiful drape and sheen, while the merino wool provides warmth and softness.

Overall, Osmanthus is a stunning yarn that will elevate any project with its luxurious feel and elegant look. Whether you're an experienced knitter or just starting out, this yarn is sure to inspire your creativity and produce beautiful results.

The Journey

Winter 2021

The Journey takes us to the light at the end of the tunnel and our hope for a return to a life we knew before. Some of us have had our life journey interupted, some have found new opportunities. We've all experienced it differently and had different tolerances to being locked down.

It consists of 4 colours:

Petrol, Someone's Sweater, Apricot Mist and Shrinking Violet

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