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June colour of the Month - Dyed to order - Setting Sun

June colour of the Month - Dyed to order - Setting Sun

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Setting Sun

Seen below on Osmanthus

Setting Sun: Bask in the glow of the vibrant hues of our colourway Setting Sun, a spectacular blend of bright orange and red that captures the fiery essence of a sunset. This yarn boasts dynamic colour variation throughout each skein, creating a stunning visual effect that evokes the mesmerising dance of twilight skies. Perfect for projects that radiate warmth and energy, Setting Sun brings a burst of vivid colour to your knitting, crochet, or woven creations.

Every month, buy one of the Percy's skeins in the weight and fibre of your choice and by the end of the year you will have a brightly intense rainbow of colour! When the colour of the month (all of which has 20% off) coincides with Percy's Rainbow then you are lucky! 

January: Percy's Purple (was colour of the month)

February: was soft Rose but not for Percy   

March: Pond Life (was colour of the month) 

April: April's Blue (was colour of the month) 

May: Mid Grey  - not for Percy but it makes a nice contrast to the rainbow if you need it. 

June - Setting Sun (colour of the month) - perfect for the Percy rainbow.

I've tried to give a good range of options below ... so every weight is accounted for.

The Yarn Options:

2 Ply:

Chai: a beautiful Tussah silk 2 ply. 100% Tussah Silk (plied). 1000m/100gms

Sencha: A soft merino and silk 2 ply yarn. 50% sw merino, 50% mulberry silk - 700m/100gms

Shui Yun: A luxurious fluffy to combine with other bases or make something dreamy by itself. 65% mohair, 35% silk - 50 gram skeins - 500m/50gms

3 Ply:

Ginseng 3: Pure silk luxury 3 ply 100% Mulberry Silk (plied) - 600m/100gms

Jasmin 3: A rich merino and silk 3 ply yarn - 50% sw merino, 50% Mulberry silk

4 ply: Jasmin 4 A rich merino and silk 4 ply yarn - 400 metres to 100 gms 

Darjeeling: My sock yarn of choice - 80% sw merino, 20% nylon - 400m/100gms

Osmanthus: A beautiful singles option - 30% silk, 70% sw merino - 400m/100gms - currently 5 in stock 240525

Ginseng 4: Pure silk luxury 3 ply 100% Mulberry Silk (plied) - 600m/100gms

Jasmin 4 : A dreamy blend of non superwash merino and mulberry silk.  

50% sw.merino and 50% silk it runs at 400 metres to 100g. Shown in the photos :-) 

8 Ply:

Whitecloud DK: Feeling is believing... super soft - 50% merino (non sw) 50% silk - 250m /100gms

Luschan 8: 55% Blue Faced Leicester, 45% silk - 212m/100gms

Rosehip: Fluffy in a different way ... I love it! 90% suri Alpaca, 10% silk - 225m/100gms

Sage : Over the top fluffy mohair. 78% kid mohair, 13%merino, 9% nylon - 200m/100gms

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