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Midnight in Paradise on Sage - Mohair and merino - 8 ply

Midnight in Paradise on Sage - Mohair and merino - 8 ply

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The Midnight in Paradise 8 ply mohair yarn Sage is a luxurious and incredibly fluffy yarn that embodies the essence of a serene night sky intertwined with the beauty of a tropical paradise. Crafted from the finest mohair fibres, this yarn offers a luscious texture and a captivating visual appeal.

The fluffiness of this 8 ply yarn is unparalleled, creating a cloud-like softness that is a delight to touch. With every stitch, the yarn envelops your fingertips in a gentle embrace, making your knitting or crocheting experience truly pleasurable. The 8 ply thickness provides ample warmth and structure to your projects, making it versatile for a range of creations.

The colour Midnight in Paradise is a mesmerising blend of deep midnight blue and vibrant shades of tropical paradise. The deep blue hues reminiscent of a starlit night sky are beautifully complemented by pops of vivid and exotic colours that evoke the lushness of a tropical oasis. These harmonious tones create a captivating visual impact, perfect for both bold and delicate projects.

Whether you're knitting a cozy sweater, crafting a delicate shawl, or creating an eye-catching accessory, the Midnight in Paradise, Sage mohair yarn will infuse your creations with a touch of enchantment and sophistication. Its exquisite fluffiness and captivating colour palette make it an ideal choice for projects that demand both comfort and style.

Tonal variation throughout the skeins.

I'll definitely be dyeing up more of this gorgeous fluffy base! Sorry about the photo overload.

Sweater quantities in stock! 2 dyelots 

Fibre Information

Sage is 78% kid mohair, 13% merino and 9 % nylon (for structure and strength).

This yarn is over the top fluffy! Just the most amazing stuff. I'm in love!

200metres to 100gms. 8 ply/ DK

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