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Silk is considered one of the most beautiful of the natural fibres, and has long been the fibre of choice for the wealthy and luxury seeking.

silk blends

Silks can be blended with a variety of other fibres to take the benefits of all the fibre characteristics... most notably silk is blended with merino wool to provide a beautiful yarn with a high degree of gloss but one that is also soft and warm.


Wool have long been used for their warmth and natural properties and sheep have been cultivated to provide a variety of useful wools to the crafter. Some of these are becoming very popular

wool blends

As with silk, wools have been blended with a variety of fibres to great benefit. Mixed with nylon (to provide durability) wool is the ideal fibre for socks.


Linen is another very ancient fibre - it has been found in ancient Egypt, and ancient parts of Europe. It is made of fibres from the flax plant. It is strong, absorbent and dries quickly.


Cotton is a soft fluffy staple fibre and is made up almost entirely of cellulose. Remnants of cotton fabrics have been dated back to 6000 BCE in Peru.


This is a catch all category for fibres that do not fit into the above categories. Nylon is blended with merino, and Bamboo is blended with silk and linen.