• OMG! I'm in love with this yarn ... !


    2 skeins of a deep sky blue  with a wash and undertone of pink  - the yarn just takes the colours differently so it gives a marled tonal effect, here a little more marked.


    These were a beast to get the colour right ... I've edited them to try to get it as close as I can but they really don't show the depth and subtlety of colour that the real life versions have.


    Just a gorgeous yarn - shiny and fluffy all in one!

    Powder Puff ooak - 5 ply - Silk, Mohair and Nylon - Rooibos

    • I'm in love with this new yarn base ... it has a wonderful gloss and lovely halo and is a sport weight - 5 ply weight too!

      I can't wait to personally knit something in this beautiful stuff!

      69% Silk 22% Mohair and 9% nylon.

      350 meters to 100 grams

    • One of a kind colours are those serendiptous colours that emerge - sometimes unexpectedly! 

      Whereas my regular colours are repeatable (they are worked according to a strict recipe) the ooak colours are random and unrepeatable. Often a lot of fun!