Now available as a dye to order gradient in your choice of quality luxury yarn base. You choose your preferred base and weight/length.


Rose Garden is a gradient of a bright red/magenta ranging through to a pale pink through to a an brown/olive green. On silk the effect is slightly more subdued, and on White Cloud the magenta is less intense. The picture currently shown is on my Sencha merino/silk lace weight base.

Rose Garden - Various Fibres

  • Acai - a rustic Australian Merino cross yarn with a slight crimp. Takes the dye beautifully and tends to be more intense than on the silk based yarns. 100gms - 590 metres / lace, 2 ply weight. 

    White Cloud: 50% Swiss Mulberry silk and 50% silky Merino wool. Gorgeous and soft - totally luxurious.
    100 gms - 400 metres / fingering, 4 ply weight. 

    Ginseng (f): 100% Swiss Mulberry silk - smooth, glossy and truly top quality beautiful - plied
    100 gms - 400 metres /fingering, 4ply weight. 

    Ginseng (hl):
    The same gorgeous Swiss mulberry silk as the regular fingering (4ply weight Ginseng). Smooth, glossy and plied. Perfect for summer shawls.
    100gms - 600 metres/heavy lace, 2 ply weight.

    Sencha: 50% Mulberry silk and 50% silky Australian Merino wool - picture is of this base. 
    100gms - 700m / lace weight, 2 ply weight. Any longer gradient will need a knot to reach a longer gradient.

    Echinacea - 70% Mulberry silk and 30% Alpaca. Lace weight, 2 ply
    100 gms - 750 metres
    150 gms - 1075 metres
    200 gms - 1500 metres

    Chai; 100% Swiss Tussah silk (2 ply) - a beautiful strong firm plied tussah silk.
    100gms - 1000m/lace weight, 2 ply