It's time again - our Sixth Forbidden sock club! The first one of the year and running up to the end of May.
Each month (March, April and May) you will receive two skeins of my beautiful and soft Darjeeling sock yarn  made with Aussie merino - that's a total of 6 skeins. One will be a semi solid colour, and the other is likely to be something else (speckled or variegated). The colours are devised especially for the clubs but may become part of my regular range at some point. I usually wait until the following theme season to do this.
I want everyone to be happy so ... if you tell me you don't like a colour (when I do a little survey of your like and dislikes) then I will let you know that this month is in that colour range and give you the opportunity to switch from stock. 
US and Canadian members pay for one lot of postage and get the following months postage free. The Aussie dollar is in the tank right now so the cost of this is about $130 usd to our friends north, a deal!
We communicate via Messenger -  It's a small group called "The Forbidden Yarn Clubs", and combines all the clubs in one place. We have a lot of fun chatting, talking about patterns and just our busy lives in general, but it is not essential you join.  If you're added to the group and you don't wish to be please feel free to remove yourself. I'll miss you...

The Sixth Forbidden Sock Club - US/Canada

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