• Wild Orchid on Rooibos is absolutely stunning - rich and variegated, it's really knock out gorgeous! 


    I left it to last to photograph and so light was beginning to fail. I'll take better pictures of it next time around (or tomorrow if it's not snapped up in the update)!


    2 skeins initally  - more can be dyed to order to ensure a good colour match.

    Wild Orchid - 5 ply - Silk, Mohair and Nylon

    • I'm in love with this new yarn base ... it has a wonderful gloss and lovely halo and is a sport weight - 5 ply weight too! I can't wait to personally knit something in this beautiful stuff!

    • The Forbidden Garden Collection is the second collection of colours based on my travels to China. There are 7 colours to the second collection and are: Wild Orchid, Lacquer Red, China Blue, Matcha Green, China Doll, Ming Tile and Dragonfruit.