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Spice Trade - 4 Ply Silk & Merino - White Cloud

Spice Trade - 4 Ply Silk & Merino - White Cloud

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"Spice Trade" is a richly diverse and tonally variegated burnt umber colour with an Australian touch. This captivating hue exudes warmth and depth, reminiscent of the fascinating history and allure of the ancient spice trade routes that once connected Australia to far-flung corners of the world.

The base of this colour is a deep, earthy brown, similar to the fertile soils found across the Australian continent. Within this primary burnt umber shade, you'll discover an enchanting mix of lighter and darker tones that create a harmonious blend, much like the varying shades found in a spice bazaar.

Weight & Length

4 ply, fingering weight 100g = 400 metres


White Cloud: 50% Silk and 50% Merino.

I’m in love with this yarn! It’s delightfully soft with a slight slubbyness and totally beautiful.

White cloud is a very apt name for this glorious untreated merino and silk yarn milled in Switzerland.

It is recommended that you hand wash in cool to luke warm water with a special wool detergent. Slight bleeding may occur but should not effect the final color.

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