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The Greens - colour and not a political party

I've been going through a green phase again ... it sort of crept up on me when I wasn't paying attention!

I've always been a fan of green - the more soft subtle shades. Olive, sage, teal ... all ring a bell and tickle my toes when I'm thinking of new colourways, but I was firmly ensconced in the Pink, Magenta and deep Red camp when a rich awesome Olive snuck in and stole my heart away.

So what better than to have a month where I actually celebrate this sometimes forgotten and much maligned colour called Green, and have a quick review of the seven (no eight) greens that I've stocked since I started (and still do).

Starting with the latest (and the reason for my renewed recent interest in all things green):

Mountain Fir

Gorgeous no matter the base (here it's shown on my new all Australian base - Myrtle) and currently being used by Jess of The Sweater Collective as a more subduednbasis for a gorgeous late summer top in White Cloud.

Seen in a few bases here...

The Watchman

Dark, rich and handsome ... a deep rich green teal.

Matcha Green

Inspiration from my China Travels

Matcha Green seen here on Darjeeling, Rougui, White Cloud and Mangosteen 8

Jade Bracelet

Bright and gorgeous - more from my love of the rich cultural land of ancient China ...

Then not to be forgotten: Kiwi, Under the Kurrajong Tree, and Ocean Kelp, some of my earlier green love and still available to green lovers everywhere.

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