Collection: Yellows

Introducing our vibrant collection of yellow yarns! Whether you're a fan of the rich Treacle Mustard Ming Tile, the electrifying Acid Yellow Pow!, the delicate Primrose, the soothing Butter Me Up, the cheerful You Are My Sunshine, or the luxurious Gold, we've got something to delight every yellow lover out there. Explore our selection below:

  1. Treacle Mustard Ming Tile

    • Colour: Treacle Mustard
    • Description: Dive into the deep and rich hues of Treacle Mustard Ming Tile. This yarn brings warmth and elegance to your projects, perfect for cozy sweaters and accessories.
  2. Acid Yellow Pow!

    • Colour: A bright fluorescent acid yellow
    • Description: If you're seeking a burst of vibrant energy, look no further than Pow! This yarn adds a bold pop of colour to your creations, making a statement in any project or make a whole project in it to stand out in the crowd!
  3. Primrose

    • Colour: Primrose Yellow
    • Description: Primrose is a delicate and gentle shade of yellow that's perfect for creating soft and feminine pieces. Its subtle warmth adds a touch of elegance to your handmade items.
  4. Butter Me Up

    • Colour: Butter Yellow
    • Description: Butter Me Up is a soothing and creamy yellow that will remind you of sunny mornings. It's an excellent choice for baby blankets, cozy cardigans, and more.
  5. You Are My Sunshine

    • Colour: Sunshine Yellow
    • Description: You Are My Sunshine is the embodiment of pure happiness in yarn form. Its bright and cheerful hue is perfect for spreading joy through your knitting and crochet projects.
  6. Gold

    • Color: Pantone 130
    • Description: Add a touch of opulence to your creations with our luxurious Gold coloured yarn. This rich and colourful yellow is ideal for creating statement pieces and accessories that exude elegance.

And don't forget Turning Leaf, Autumn Leaf and Cream too! 

Our yellow yarns are carefully hand-dyed by our small indie dyer, ensuring quality and uniqueness in every skein. Whether you're knitting, crocheting, or crafting, these yarns are sure to inspire your creativity.

Explore the world of yellow and let your imagination run wild with our incredible range of shades. Order your favourite yellow yarn today and infuse your projects with the warmth and brightness of this cheerful colour!