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Midnight in Paradise - Osmanthus - 4 ply single

Midnight in Paradise - Osmanthus - 4 ply single

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"Midnight in Paradise" is a captivating hue that embodies the essence of a serene Australian night sky. It showcases a rich blend of deep blues and hints of velvety purple, reminiscent of the captivating midnight hour. The colour evokes a sense of tranquility and mystery, as if one is transported to a secluded tropical haven nestled in the heart of Australia.

The deep blue tones in "Midnight in Paradise" resemble the vast expanse of the Australian outback under the night sky. It is reminiscent of the untouched beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, where shades of blue intertwine with the enchanting hues of the coral reef. The darkness of the colour represents the enigmatic nature of the night, while the subtle touches of purple evoke the magic and allure found in the depths of the Australian wilderness.

This unique shade captures the tranquility of a summer night in Australia, where the soft breeze carries the faint scents of eucalyptus and wildflowers. It embodies the feeling of being in a secluded paradise, where the starlit sky stretches endlessly above, and the gentle rustling of palm trees creates a soothing symphony.

"Midnight in Paradise" represents a colour that is as enchanting and captivating as the diverse landscapes and natural wonders found in this sunburnt country.

Yarn Information: Osmanthus 

Osmanthus is a singles yarn meaning it is made of one ply but is a 4 ply/fingering weight. It's got a beautiful soft sheen and is a dream to knit with. Perfect for shawls and tops.

Whether used for knitting, crocheting, or weaving, this Osmanthus yarn with its 30% silk and 70% merino composition in a single ply construction offers a unique and luxurious crafting experience. It is suitable for creating garments, accessories, and other projects that require a combination of elegance, warmth, and comfort.

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