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Clematis - sock yarn in merino and nylon yarn - Darjeeling

Clematis - sock yarn in merino and nylon yarn - Darjeeling

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Clematis, where nature's palette has woven together an exquisite symphony of colours to create a mesmerising masterpiece. Picture a hue that reigns as the unrivalled queen of flowers, an embodiment of elegance and charisma.

At first glance, your eyes are instantly captivated by the strong and vibrant purple that commands attention and exudes an air of regal allure. This purple, however, is no ordinary shade; it is infused with a hint of pink at its very core, adding a delicate touch of femininity to its majestic presence.

As the light dances upon its petals, a spellbinding transformation occurs, revealing a subtle navy blue glaze that gently shimmers like the night sky. It's as if the cosmos have granted their blessing, bestowing upon this bloom the power to transport you to celestial realms with a mere glance.

This colour is repeatable for larger quantities

Tonal variation throughout the skeins

 Weight & Length

4 ply, sock or fingering yarn. 100 gms gives you 400 metres


Darjeeling yarn: 80% Merino, 20% Nylon

Beautifully soft and just the right amount of nylon for a pair of socks. This also makes a gorgeous shawl or other wearable object.

It is recommended that you hand wash in cool to luke warm water with a wool wash to prevent dissociating. Slight bleeding may occur but should not effect the final colour. The merino is superwash but the dyes not. (However, I'm not hand washing my socks so there!)

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