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Mossy Stone - 4 ply sock yarn - 100gms - Darjeeling

Mossy Stone - 4 ply sock yarn - 100gms - Darjeeling

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Mossy stone is a sock yarn gradient that is inspired by the natural colours found in stones and moss. The gradient starts with a darker gray colour that gradually transitions to a lighter gray, then to a muted soft olive green. 

The gray shades at the beginning of the gradient represents the colour of rocks and stones found in a riverbed or on a beach,  and the weathered texture and shading of rocks. As the gradient progresses into the greens, the colours evoke the deep, earthy hues of mosses that grow on rocks and trees that grow nearby.

Overall, the Mossy Stone gradient is perfect for projects that require a natural and muted colour palette, such as shawls, hats, and socks. It is a versatile gradient that can add depth and texture to your knitting or crochet projects.

This item has a small dark dye splash and is discounted - you can see the mark in the long photo.

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Base Yarns Available

Darjeeling: 85% sw australian merino, and 15% nylon.

400m/100gms - 4 ply

Recommeneded needle size:

2.25 - 3.25 depending on your personal tension and project.

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