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Lemon and Lime ooak - on Bush Sock Yarn OB - 4 ply

Lemon and Lime ooak - on Bush Sock Yarn OB - 4 ply

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The Lemon and Lime colourway is a delightful combination of soft buttery yellow and a vivid leaf green, skillfully blended in a gently variegated skein. The soft buttery yellow exudes warmth and brightness, reminiscent of sunlit fields or a cozy morning glow. This hue adds a touch of serenity and cheerfulness to the yarn, creating a sense of comfort and familiarity.

On the other hand, the vivid green introduces a lively and fresh element, reminiscent of lush grass or vibrant foliage. This dynamic shade infuses the yarn with energy and vitality, evoking the crispness of nature and the rejuvenating qualities of the outdoors.

The variegated dyeing gracefully merges these two colours, creating a harmonious and visually appealing effect. The Lemon and Lime colourway  is a versatile choice for various crafting projects, allowing you to bring a burst of colour and joy into your creations.

NB These skeins are not rewound in order to maintain the visible variation (as in all my variegated skeins) in the dyeing... however this mean that a variegated skein may be tangled or have a problem that has not been discovered which is usually the case when I rewind them.

And on a soft Australian merino/nylon mix, this is a joy to knit with.

Fibre Information

Bush sock yarn came about during the Pandemic when my usual supply of Darjeeling sock yarn was under threat. It's turned out to be a blessing... a gorgeously soft sock yarn with a little more texture than Darjeeling.

I'm currently destashing this yarn to make way for other yarns and to reduce the number of bases I need to dye. 

Suitable for shawls and garments.

75%  sw Australian Merino, 25% nylon.

400metre to 100grams. 4 ply/fingering weight.

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Lemon-limey goodness

Pretty yarns and lovely and soft. Always enjoyed a yellow yarn to add to other colours and lift the project.