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Lilac - 4 ply in Mulberry silk and Merino singles yarn - Osmanthus

Lilac - 4 ply in Mulberry silk and Merino singles yarn - Osmanthus

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Picture the first blooms of spring, when nature awakens in a tender embrace of new life. Our lilac colour captures that very essence, embodying the soothing touch of lilac petals kissed by dawn's gentle light. A shade that effortlessly bridges the gap between whimsy and sophistication, it's the perfect choice for projects that deserve a touch of timeless allure.

The soft pastel purple boasts a harmonious balance between subtlety and presence. Just as morning mist delicately veils the landscape, this shade envelops your creations with a whisper of colour that's as versatile as it is captivating. A little more intense and saturated on this base than on the pure silks.

A little more intense on this base than on the pure silks.

Osmanthus Yarn:

400m/100gms - 50% Merino, 50% silk, 4 ply/fingering yarn, single construction

Osmanthus yarn is a luxurious and exquisite blend of fibres, combining the beauty and strength of silk with the softness and warmth of merino wool. This particular variant of Osmanthus yarn is crafted as a single ply, meaning it consists of a single strand of yarn twisted together.

The composition of this Osmanthus yarn is comprised of 30% silk and 70% merino wool. Silk, known for its lustrous and smooth characteristics, brings a touch of elegance and sheen to the yarn. It lends a subtle shimmer and a delicate drape to the finished fabric.

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    Tracy W

    This is to go with my Rolling Stone set-thanks again Sadie!