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The Pink Dragon matching skein - Mid Year kit

The Pink Dragon matching skein - Mid Year kit

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Base Yarn

Now available - additional matching skeins for your Mid Year Pink Dragon kits. Choices of colours and bases. 

This is a Pre- order and kits are due to be delivered in Mid July.


Darjeeling 4 sock yarn

Weight and Length

4 ply sock or fingering yarn. 100 gms gives you 400 metres - mini skeins are 20+ gms (hand wound from the larger skeins).

Darjeeling sock yarn: 80% Australian Merino & 20% nylon

A soft smooth sock base that dyes up like a dream into anything I can dream up! A soft but firm sock base with good stitch definition.

It is recommended that you hand wash in cool to luke warm water with a wool wash to prevent dissociating. Slight bleeding may occur but should not effect the final colour. The merino is superwash but the dyes can dissociate in hot water (hence the need to wash in cool water).

Darjeeling 8 sock yarn

Weight and Length

8 ply sock or DK yarn. 100gms gives you 225 metres - skeins are 1/2 size at 50 gms (one skein divided).

Darjeeling sock yarn: 80% Australian Merino and 20% Nylon

Care is the same as for the 4 ply yarn.

Jasmin f

4 ply silk/merino non superwash yarn. 100gms gives you 400 metres - mini skeins are 20 + gms (hand wound from the larger skeins).

Introducing Jasmin, an exquisite blend of luxury and warmth, meticulously crafted for discerning fibre enthusiasts. This enchanting yarn harmoniously combines the softness of 50% fine merino wool with the lustrous beauty of 50% mulberry silk, resulting in a truly exceptional fibre experience.

Jasmin yarn embodies elegance and sophistication, making it ideal for creating luxurious garments and accessories. The merino wool, renowned for its gentle touch and insulating properties, provides warmth and comfort, while the mulberry silk adds a captivating sheen and a touch of indulgence.

Crafted without the superwash treatment, Jasmin retains the natural qualities of its premium fibres. It offers excellent stitch definition, showcasing intricate patterns with clarity and precision. Its non-superwash nature ensures that the yarn retains its structural integrity and resilience, making it a delight to work with and ensuring lasting beauty in your finished creations.

Whether you're knitting or crocheting, Jasmin will transform your projects into heirloom-quality pieces that exude elegance and grace. Allow Jasmin yarn to inspire your imagination and elevate your craft to new heights.

Jasmin 8/DK 

weight and length - the same fibre make up as the Jasmin 4 ply/f but with the superwash treatment. 212 metres to 100gms. 

If you buy your extra skein at the same time as your kit only one lot of postage will be applied. Contact me if you have already ordered your kit and I'll try and invoice you instead so that you don't have to pay two lots of postage.

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