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The calm before the Storm - 150 gms - Ginseng 3 ply

The calm before the Storm - 150 gms - Ginseng 3 ply

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Introducing "The Calm Before the Storm" – a mesmerizing silver grey gradient that seamlessly transitions into a deep and moody grey hue. This exquisite color journey captures the essence of tranquility before a powerful storm, evoking a sense of anticipation and reflection.

At its lightest point, the gradient begins with a soft, ethereal silver tone that glistens like morning dew on a peaceful meadow. This delicate silver shade radiates a serene aura, symbolizing the quietude that precedes an imminent change. As the gradient unfolds, the silver transforms gracefully into a muted mid-grey, resembling the calm waters of a serene lake on a tranquil day. This middle point embodies the tranquil balance of emotions and sets the stage for the impending transformation.

The transformation continues as the gradient deepens, unveiling a rich and enigmatic dark moody grey. This shade exudes an air of mystery and depth, reminiscent of the foreboding skies that signal the arrival of a storm. The dark moody grey encapsulates the brewing energy, hinting at the intense emotions and challenges that lie ahead.

"The Calm Before the Storm" gradient captures this seamless transition from serenity to intensity, mirroring life's rhythmic cycles. This color palette offers a harmonious blend of shades that invite contemplation, reminding us of the beauty in embracing both stillness and upheaval. Whether incorporated into interior design, fashion, or visual art, this gradient invites viewers to embrace change and find solace in the transformative journey – a timeless reminder that every storm eventually gives way to clarity and renewal.


Base Yarns Available

Ginseng (f): 100% Swiss Mulberry silk - smooth, glossy and truly top quality beautiful - plied100 gms - 400 metres /fingering, 4ply weight. 

Ginseng (hl):
The same gorgeous Swiss mulberry silk as the regular fingering (4ply weight Ginseng). Smooth, glossy and plied. Perfect for summer shawls.
100gms - 600 metres/heavy lace, 3 ply weight.

Echinacea - 70% Mulberry silk and 30% Alpaca. Lace weight, 2 ply
100 gms - 750 metres
150 gms - 1075 metres
200 gms - 1500 metres

White Cloud F- 50% non superwash merino, 50% silk - 4 ply /fingering a beautifully soft luxurious yarn in a deep rich colourway.

100gms - 400 metres, 150gms - 600 metres 200gms - 800 metres  

Jasmin 3- 50% sw merino, 50% silk - 3 ply /heavy lace and a rich soft yarn.

100gms - 600 metres, 150 gms - 900 metres and 200 gms - 1200 metres

Darjeeling sock yarn - 80% sw merino and 20 % nylon - very soft and kind to your skin.

100gms - 400 metres, 150gms - 600 metres 200gms - 800 metres  


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