Luxurious Fluffiness: Exploring the Magic of Mohair and Alpaca Yarns

Luxurious Fluffiness: Exploring the Magic of Mohair and Alpaca Yarns

Fluffy yarns have an enchanting ability to transform your knitting and crocheting projects into works of cozy art. Among the most coveted fibres for creating warmth, softness, and style are mohair or alternatively alpaca. These luxurious materials have captured the hearts of crafters and designers alike, offering a unique blend of comfort and elegance.

Mohair Marvels: A Touch of Luxury

Derived from the fleece of the Angora goat, mohair yarn is renowned for its silky sheen and sumptuous texture. Crafters who seek an unparalleled softness in their creations often turn to mohair. The natural lustre of mohair yarn adds a touch of glamour to any project, from delicate shawls to sophisticated sweaters.

Mohair's exceptional insulating properties make it a fantastic choice for cozy winter wearables as well as lighter airy summer wraps. Its airy composition traps warmth efficiently while still remaining lightweight. The halo effect created by mohair's fine fibres adds an ethereal aura to garments, making them feel like a warm embrace.

Green Tea Yarns currently has two weights of mohair yarn ...

Shui Yun is a laceweight confection consisting of 65% kid mohair and 35% silk. It's designed to be combined with a heavier base yarn to add a heavenly halo to your knitting. It's amazing the change to the base colour the Shui Yun makes.

Sage  is the epitome of luxurious comfort in the world of yarn. Delight in the unrivalled softness of this 8-ply mohair yarn, exquisitely crafted to bring your cardigans and sweaters to life with an extraordinary level of fluffiness. Envelop yourself in the cloud-like embrace of Sage, as its plush texture adds depth and warmth to your garments, transforming them into cozy masterpieces. Whether you're a seasoned knitter or just starting out, Sage yarn offers an enchanting knitting experience, creating garments that feel as heavenly as they look stylish. Elevate your wardrobe with the sumptuous allure of Sage, and indulge in the joy of wearing and gifting pieces that capture the essence of softness and sophistication.


But it doesn't have to be Mohair for that all things fluff... there are other fibres and production methods too that can produce some beautiful furry fluffy yarns!

Alpaca Allure: Elegance and Warmth

Alpaca yarn, sourced from the gentle alpaca, is another beloved fibre in the world of crafting. Its softness is often compared to cashmere, offering a gentle touch that's perfect for those with sensitive skin and looking for an alternative to Mohair. Alpaca yarn is available in various grades, from baby suri alpaca (the finest and softest) to regular alpaca, allowing crafters to choose their preferred level of warmth and luxury.

A Fluffy alpaca yarn is Chamomile - which is blended with cotton for a very light weight yarn. Perfect for a summer wrap or lightweight cardigan this 4 ply yarn is bound to please.

We also have the new Honeybush - which contains neither mohair or alpaca, but is simply a brushed merino ... gorgeous and soft and we'll be getting some other fluffy options in too, so stay tuned!

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