Collection: The Classics

Introducing "The Classics" from Green Tea Yarns, a timeless collection that embodies the essence of enduring beauty and style. These are the colours that have stood the test of time, beloved by knitters and crocheters alike for their versatility and timeless appeal.

First in this collection is "Tea Rose," a soft and romantic shade of pink that evokes nostalgia and grace. Next, we have "Fallen Ashes," a sophisticated charcoal grey that adds a touch of elegance to any project. "Oysters on the Bay" offers a classic, neutral tone that pairs beautifully with any colour palette.

For those seeking a bolder choice, "Dark Red Lacquer" makes a statement with its rich, luscious deep red that commands attention. "Banksia" brings the beauty of nature into your creations, with its deep, earthy tone. Lastly, "Midnight in Paradise" offers a sense of mystery and depth, perfect for adding a touch of drama to your projects.

Each of these colours has been carefully curated to complement each other, allowing you to mix and match to create stunning classic combinations. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting, "The Classics" collection offers timeless colours that will inspire your creativity for years to come.