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Green Tea Yarns

ChiaoGoo Tin 'o' Tools

ChiaoGoo Tin 'o' Tools

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I just love these little tool kit tins ... such a useful thing to have tucked into your project bag so that all your tools are to hand and tidy.  

Kit includes:

  • 4 x cable connectors which can be used to extend the length of your cables - 2 for the large needles and 2 for the small.
  • 2 x cable adaptors to take your needles from the large to the small (allowing you to use the smaller sized cables).
  • 4 x End Stoppers in large and small sizes (4 total).
  • Ring stitch markers - 8 small white, and 10 large black ones 
  • 2 x Keys (aka T pins)
  • 1 x Rubber Heart Gripper
  • 2 x darning needles
  • 2 x large safety pins

Photographed with other GTY accessories which are not included in the set.

There is one of these kits in the new Forte Sets.

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