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Green Tea Yarns

Silvercloud on Merino and Silk 4 ply single - Osmanthus

Silvercloud on Merino and Silk 4 ply single - Osmanthus

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Silvercloud is a soft and lustrous shade of grey, reminiscent of the fluffy clouds that grace the sky on a clear and sunny day. Its subtle silver undertones give it a sense of elegance and sophistication, making it a popular choice for interior design and fashion. The hue is understated yet eye-catching, making it a versatile colour that can complement a wide range of other shades. Its name perfectly captures the essence of its soft and dreamy appearance, as if the colour itself was made of delicate and weightless clouds floating in the sky.


Fibre Information

Osmanthus is a singles yarn of 4 ply weight. 400m/100gms

70% sw merino and 30% silk. It has a lovely gloss characteristic of the silk content. 

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