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Temperate Rainforest - White Cloud f - 200gms gradient

Temperate Rainforest - White Cloud f - 200gms gradient

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Introducing The Temperate Rainforest gradient, a long colour change gradient that captures the beauty of the Victorian Temperate Rainforests in Australia. The gradient starts with a beautiful olive green, reminiscent of the lush tree ferns and mosses that carpet the forest floor. The colour then shifts to a bright pure green, reflecting the vibrant foliage that flourishes in this unique ecosystem.

As the gradient progresses, the colours gently blend into a muted aqua, evoking the tranquil streams and creeks that wind through the forest. Finally, the gradient deepens into a rich and dark green, mirroring the dense canopy of towering trees that shelter the forest floor from the bright sun above.

This stunning gradient yarn is perfect for any knitting or crocheting project that aims to capture the serene beauty of the Victorian Temperate Rainforests. Whether you're creating a cosy sweater to wear on your next bushwalk or a beautiful shawl to wrap around you on a chilly evening, The Temperate Rainforest gradient will add a touch of natural wonder to your finished project.

Why not bring a piece of the lush and tranquil Victorian Temperate Rainforest into your next creative endeavour? Order The Temperate Rainforest gradient yarn today and let your imagination take you on a journey through one of Australia's most beautiful and unique natural wonders.

The yarn is made from high-quality materials, ensuring a soft and luxurious feel that will be a joy to work with. Whether you're a seasoned knitter or a crochet enthusiast, the Temperate  Rainforest gradient is sure to inspire you to create something truly extraordinary.

Available on 4ply White Cloud base (50/50 silk and merino) - 400 metres to 100gms

This product is 200gms - which gives you 800 metres

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