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Emerald Bay - 4 ply silk - Ginseng f

Emerald Bay - 4 ply silk - Ginseng f

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Emerald Bay is a vivid and rich green colour, a deep and rich shade of green. The colour is associated with lush landscapes, natural beauty, and the calming presence of greenery. Imagine the vibrant green hues found in a pristine bay surrounded by dense forests or the deep, jewel-like tones of a high-quality emerald gemstone. Emerald Bay exudes a sense of luxury, sophistication, and a connection to nature, making it a visually striking and appealing colour. 

Larger quantities available on request and dyed to order

Slightly less dark and greener in real life than the photos appear on my computer.

Weight & Length

4 ply fingering weight. 100g - 400metres. Two ply construction

Fibre and Care

Ginseng - 100% Mulberry Silk

A beautifully glossy silky yarn. Just so luxurious … and a pleasure to knit with.

When knitted this yarn has a wonderful rich and lustrous handle and drape just as a pure silk item should be - I love it and hope you do too. 

It is recommended that you hand wash in cool to luke warm water with a special silk detergent. Slight bleeding may occur but should not effect the final colour.

Earth's Wonders

Earth's Wonders is the second collection of 2019 ... rounding out in July and August 2019.  It celebrates the beautiful earth we live on and all the amazing things that can be seen and felt. Everything from the cool First Rain to rocks under our feet.

Colours in this collection are: First Rain (speckled), Summer's End, Bluebell Woods, Water's Edge, Wild Plum, The River and Emerald Bay.

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