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Sandalwood on Camelia - silk and cotton 4 ply

Sandalwood on Camelia - silk and cotton 4 ply

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Sandalwood is a captivating colour that evokes a sense of tranquillity and warmth. It can be described as a soft, earthy salmon pink, reminiscent of the delicate hue of sandalwood timber. This colour possesses a natural elegance and carries the subtle charm of a gentle sunset or the blush of a blooming flower.

In its essence, sandalwood encapsulates a balance between earthy tones and rosy undertones. The colour carries a muted quality, with a touch of warmth and a hint of muted orange. It exudes a soothing and comforting energy, much like the soft fragrance of sandalwood itself.

When visualising sandalwood, imagine a pale pink shade that is tinged with an earthy undertone. It can be likened to a soft, delicate salmon pink, as if the colour has been infused with the serenity of a quiet sunrise or the gentle embrace of nature. The softness and subtlety of sandalwood make it a versatile and calming colour that can be incorporated into various visual compositions, whether in interior design, fashion, or artistic expressions.

Overall, sandalwood is a colour that embodies the serene qualities of nature and exudes a gentle, earthy elegance with its soft, earthy salmon pink tones.

Very slight tonal variation throughout the skeins.

Fibre Information

50% Cotton and 50% Silk - 400 metres to 100 grams

Fingering - 4 ply

You can definitely tell there's cotton in this but the silk adds a little bit of gloss (not as much as I would expect from a 50/50 blend though).

Perfect for a summer T or top. 

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