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Red Dune - 2 ply in Mulberry silk yarn - Pekoe l

Red Dune - 2 ply in Mulberry silk yarn - Pekoe l

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This Red Dune colour is a mesmerizing blend of rich rusty chestnut brown and orange hues, inspired by the shifting sands of a desert sunset. Imagine the warm, rich hues of crimson and terracotta gracefully intertwining with hints of golden undertones, reminiscent of the sun's final embrace as it dips below the horizon. This lustrous colour exudes a sense of timeless allure and sets the stage for extraordinary artistic endeavours.

Larger quantities possible on this stock colour if needed.

Weight & Length

2 ply, lace. 100g = 800 metres

Fibre Information

Pekoe - 100% Mulberry Silk

Pekoe heavy lace: beautiful, glossy, smooth and luxurious mulberry silk lace yarn! When knitted this yarn has a wonderful handle - very silky with a high sheen. Your finished garment is destined to be absolutely glorious!

It is recommended that you hand wash in cool to lukewarm water with a special silk detergent. Slight bleeding may occur but should not affect the final colour.

Care Instructions

Silk is a gorgeous fibre to work with and very glossy and rich in this colourway. It needs gentle hand washing treatment with a mild wool wash in cool water to retain it's sheen.

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